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Tea Franchise
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Tea is the love and the life of all Indians. Many prefer starting their day with a steaming cup of chai to go with their daily dose of newspapers, even to this day.

Tea is the love and the life of all Indians. Many prefer starting their day with a steaming cup of chai to go with their daily dose of newspapers, even to this day.

We have franchises functioning all around Maharashtra. Beed among them is our major highlight from the region of Marathwada. The district holds architectural significance and is among the prominent tourist places in the state.

The place has a long history to go with it. Famous for its custard apples and Architectural temples, Beed has now gained its new identity through Yewale Tea. We have brought you an opportunity to partner and become the best tea franchise in Beed.

Why partner with

Yewale Amruttulya is not just any café or food stall; we are tea experts. We are known for our variety of flavours. Customers are provided numerous options to pick from, right from jaggery to ginger and lemons. Taste and quality assured indeed.

In various cities in and around Maharashtra, we have successfully set up eye-catching shops aiming to serve a refreshing cup full of love and dedication to our business. We have 39+ years of legacy in the business that humbly started in Pune and has now become a huge network in major Indian states like Maharashtra, Gujrat and Karnataka.

Benefits of buying a tea shop

At Yewale tea, we not only assure unique taste and premium quality but also dedicated services and profits to all our partners. We are a team of experts that aim to provide high returns on low investments. As a partner, we will make sure that you are able to avail the finest services in the fields of operations, marketing, sales and technology.

Our customer service policies are top-notch as they are given expert training and support. Yewale tea adheres to the changing norms in technology, and we aim at setting up modern tea stalls with advanced use of technology at all times.

Once you have bought a tea franchise in Beed with us, rest assured and enjoy high profits irrespective of your investments. Make sure to visit our sites at Beed for further information.


Q - What is Yewale Tea?
A - Yewale tea is among the most popular tea franchise in Beed and all-around Maharashtra. We serve tea of all types and flavours with premium quality services and tastes to die for. Our shops are set up in more than 350 branches across India.
Q - Why is the tea franchise beneficial in India?
A - Every Indian's day begins with a cup of tea. Tea is the soul of India. Indians also like experimenting with their cup of chai, so owning a tea franchise in India is never an issue.
Q - How can I buy a tea franchise with Yewale tea?
A - Visit Yewale tea's official website and fill in the details available on the Franchise page. You can even contact us directly over the phone or by mail.

Franchise Success Stories

What our

If you want to start business in tea shop then yewale amruttulya is best opportunity

Tushar Gaikwad

All staff is co-operative and it is best place to decide business future..

Vaibhav Gaikwad


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